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I want a system...where do I begin?

Select the type system you want, and then contact the appropriate person below.  If you are not sure which type system you are most interested in, then contact one of the people from the list below so that we can assist you in making that selection:

1.    Solar electric grid-tie system residential 
(Assumes you are, or will soon be, connected to a utility electric grid).

2.    Solar electric grid-tie system commercial

3.    Wind electric grid-tie system residential 

4.    Wind electric grid-tie system commercial

5.    Solar hot water and/or space heating system residential.

6.    Solar hot water and/or space heating system commercial.

7.    Remote power system 
(Not connected to a utility's electrical grid, consists of a solar and, or, wind system with batteries and generally a generator backup.)


Lotus (President): 719-330-3699 | lotus@rockymtnsolar.com (toll free 877-868-2941)

Miguel Silva: 719-238-4554 miguel@rockymtnsolar.com

Please submit this form to start the process for an estimate