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 EV vs Gas Comparison

Over 45,000 miles the Model 3's average efficiency is 250.0 Wh/mile.  So if you drive 10,000 mi per year, it consumes 2500 kWh.  At 10.5 cents/kWh, the annual EV fuel cost is $262.

For a gas car that averages 30 MPG, the number of gallons to drive 10,000 mi in one year is 333 gal.  At $2.90/gal, the annual gas vehicle fuel cost is $967.

This is just the fuel savings and does not include the savings from avoided routine maintenance such as no engine coolant changes, no oil changes, no spark plug replacement, no exhaust system maintenance.

For EVs like Tesla with active battery management that controls the battery pack temp in all conditions, the battery pack will last the life of the car.  There are Tesla taxis with over 300,000 miles still using the original pack.  The electric motors have an expected life of close to 1 million miles.