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“Excellent Company to Work With”

Decided to investigate Solar PV and sought referrals from BBB, Home Advisor, and a friend who had a solar PV system. The friend recommended Rock Mountain Solar and Wind, Inc. (RMSWI) which also had good BBB rating. Requested proposals from 5 Companies. Brendan provided the proposal from RMSWI. He took a lot of time to help us understand the various types of solar PV systems and how they operated. He also provided multiple estimates using different manufacturer's equipment so we could easily compare estimates from other contractors who had proposed different equipment and solar PV approaches. Brendan's professionalism and desire to educate and assist us was a key factor, along with the warranty offered, in selecting RMSWI to install our system. We delayed the contract start in order to replace our 17 year-old roof before installing the system but RMSWI held the price firm and worked us into the schedule upon completion of the roof project. The installers completed installation in less than a week and the City inspected the system and installed the meters to bring us on-line without delay. The system is functioning as promised and even provided a text book production curve on a cloudless day!! Thanks Rocky Mountain Solar & Wind, Inc.  


“Professional and Excellent Service”  

After researching thoroughly the Colorado Springs area for a Solar installer, I opted for an install w/ Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind. As with any contractor we did have a minor misunderstanding at the beginning based upon schedule, but it was professionally resolved with a call to the office. From there on, customer service from them was top notch. I was given an install window, to which they stuck to. The team of installers (Smitty, James, and John) were exceptional, professional and courteous. They explained what was to be done each day and kept me informed of what was being planned for the next at the end of each install gate/day. At completion, they explained the whole system again to me and generated the correct expectations of what CSU would do for integrating w/ the grid, also minor damage was done to some shingles, and the crew advised and disclosed this information to me of them and am currently in contact w/ Rocky Mountain for corrective action for the fix (mind install was on a two story home, 3 w/ walkout basement) So far I have had my system running for over 2 weeks and couldn't be any happier at the craftsmanship, the panels, the install crew, and the company behind them.  

-Sam Castillo  

Google Reviews:  

Rocky Mountain Solar has been a great partner and I’d gladly recommend them to any of my friends or neighbors.  I am happy and would use them again. I did 3 bids with Rocky Mountain being the most responsive and willing to explain more of the basics to me from the beginning. Their price was competitive but I opted for their solution that included a slightly better solar panel that had better guaranteed capability over a few decades (it degraded much less than others over time). The work was done well, they communicated well, the workers were respectful and kept the area clean. They took care of my rebate work with the local utility and all permits.  I had one main contact to work with thru the process and she was great to work with (excellent job Robin). The tool they have for me to watch my solar production is great – simple to see on my phone or a computer. I had one hiccup after the system was up, issue with being in an older part of the city, and they were very responsive and worked quickly with me to solve the issue.  

-Rick Wach  


We had a great experience with RMW&S from start to finish. Just turned our system on, and everything is working exactly as promised—and the project came ahead of time and right on budget. Communication was great at every step— from Camilla, our sales rep, to the project foreman and electrician who did the installation. The panels are high quality, the company is local and has been around for years, and the 25-year warranties offered by RMW&S beat all of the 7 other companies we got bids from. Definitely recommend, and we’re happy we went with them.  

-Casey Howard  


I initially wrote a bad review on Dec 12, 2018. Since then, Rocky Mountains Solar (RMS) has come through to help. After the installation was completed (in time for end of year), there was a "Bomb Cyclone" storm that left 5 of my 28 solar panels under performing (75%). They "went to bat" for me and got the panels replaced and reinstalled. Great job!  

Thank you RMS!  

-Rick Holmes   


RMSW installed my system in 2015. They were the only company that showed any interest in installing a ground mount system. This system is on the eastern plains and has survived some pretty severe weather. During the bomb cyclone event of March 2019 the system with stood sustained winds of 70MPH and a wind gust of 86MPH at the height of the storm. Not one solar panel was damaged. I was expecting to see ( once the storm ended ) solar panels all over the place. The storm did knock out two optimizers. One call to RMSW and a knowledgeable repairman was out in a day. They had to order the optimizers which were still under warrantee and within two weeks my 28 panel system was running at full speed ahead. Thanks Lotus and Richard for your prompt courteous service.  

-Mark, Calhan 


Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind installed a small 8 panel system on our roof a couple years ago. They worked well with the city utility company, answered all questions, and we're happy with our system. When there was a problem with the inverter (a manufacturer's problem, not RMSW's problem), they dealt with the manufacturer and replaced the broken part for free and swiftly. Nice local company.  

DBS 7/17/2017  


This is the second time we have worked with Rocky Mountain Solar in 18 years and both times proved to be wise decisions! Our solar system has not only met, but exceeded even RMS's expectations. Our system produces 17% more than projected. We have seen a 78% degrees in the cost of our electricity over the past 5.5 yrs. This system requires zero maintenance, we have never had an issue in all these years. As long as we sweep off the snow, this system works like a charm.  

-Lehring  Black Forest, CO  


Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind installed my roof top system in late 2015. I live in Divide, Colorado. Additionally I should note that I am a building contractor and, therefore, I know subcontractors.  

I am beyond satisfied with them. They did EVERYTHING they said they were going to do. This was a very tough time for my family (my wife was dying of cancer) and they were respectful and courteous.  

My system works perfectly. I live in a net-metering state and the utility company actually owes me money!  

Use them!