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Rocky Mountain Solar & Wind, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Solar & Wind provides solar and wind energy systems. We do design, sales and installation in the Colorado area.

RMSWI has designed, installed and repaired solar energy systems since 1975, and wind systems since 2002. We install residential, commercial, and industrial systems in the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Fairplay and Cañon City regions of Colorado. Our Sales and Design team work closely with the Colorado Springs Utilities, Black Hills Energy, Mountain View Electric and Xcel Rebate Programs; also we are members of the Colorado Springs Utilities Home Vantage Program.

Experience & Qualifications

Rocky Mountain Solar & Wind, Inc's (RMSWI) president, Lotus, has been an active solar contractor for 32 years.  He has been CoSEIA Certified in both solar electric and solar heating for roughly twelve years. 

RMSWI has a solar F-1license from El Paso County and a solar license from Teller County.

RMSWI  is a licensed builder in El Paso County, and has been a licensed builder for over 32 years with experience in a large variety of types of construction including sunrooms, new homes and remodeling.

RMSWI  has been installing wind turbines since 2002.

Lotus received OSHA training under John Hall during 2007.  This training was organized by CoSEIA.

During 2008, RMSWI grossed over 1 million dollars, mostly from the design, sale and installation of solar electric systems.

RMSWI has been a member of the Colorado Springs Utilities Advantage Program for over three years and works closely with other utilities also such as Black Hills Energy, Xcel Energy, Sangre de Cristo Electric, and Mountain View Electric.

RMSWI during 2009 installed both a demonstration solar electric system and a wind turbine system for Mountain View Electric Co-op.

During 2009, RMSWI installed the largest civilian solar electric system ever installed in Colorado Springs, 62.4 KW DC.  This system is a ground mounted system.

RMSWI Board of Directors